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Our Charity – The Trussell Trust

Before providing us with all these amazing Jam recipes our Nana spent her career in the charity sector working with some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people within our society. From domestic abuse victims to war torn families our Nana has always dedicated herself to helping others.

Although we are currently a small startup we felt that it was important to do what we can from inception, especially during these difficult times. According to the The Joseph Rowntree Foundation Prior to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID), more than one in five people in the UK lived in relative poverty, this number is now on the rise. Since were making delicious preserves we thought we would give back in the way we know how.

Measuring Poverty

Relative measures looks at the resources people have and compare them to the overall population. People with the least are considered to be in poverty compared to everyone else. This is how the ‘poverty line’ is defined.

Absolute measures looks to define the essentials that people require for a decent standard of living; those who can’t afford these essentials are considered to be in poverty. Around 14.2 million people live in poverty in the UK: 8.5 million adults, 4.5 million children and 1.4 million pensioners

The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust vision ‘is for a future without the need for food banks. Together we can build a fairer society, where everyone has enough to afford food’. It supports a network of over 1,200 centres to provide emergency food and compassionate, practical support to people in crisis, while campaigning for long-term change to the structural issues that lock people into poverty

We are supporting The Trussell Trust by donating our excess preserves to its food banks; we have already donated a relatively substantial amount of preserves. We also plan to donate a percentage of our annual profit and contribute to campaigns in any way possible.


Associations - The Trussell Trust

From our inception we have wanted to do our part in the fight against hunger.

What we are doing to help

Associations - The Vegan Society

All of our products are Vegan, and we are members of the Vegan Society.

Why are our products Vegan?

Associations - The Organic Soil Association

Our preserves are 100% natural and made with on average 98.5% organic ingredients.

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