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Why did we choose to make our Preserves Vegan?

As a society we are becoming a lot more knowledgable on the impact we are having on our environment and becoming more passionate about how we individually and collectively can make changes to help maintain our planet.

There are several reasons for this; with an ever-increasing population, sustainable food production needs to expand to meet supply. Full or partial plant based diet encompass economic, social political and ecological considerations so therefore, 7% of the British population is Vegan, 14% Vegetarian and over 30% now consider themselves as ‘Flexitarian’.

Benefits of going Vegan:

  • For the planet – Animal farming is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gas emissions, water and deforestation worldwide.
  • For the animals – Too many animals are killed for consumption globally every year. The farming and killing of these sentiment being causes them great distress.
  • For your health – Going vegan is a great way to learn more about nutrition, cooking, and improving your diet. A vegan diet can provide all the nutrients you need to live a happy and healthy life. Some research has linked vegan diets with lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.
  • For your wallet – Swapping meat and dairy for cheaper protein sources like beans, pulses, legumes and whole grains will help to reduce your weekly shopping spending. Which is great for your bank balance.


Even if you are not sticking to a strictly Vegan diet, many consumers are changing their eating behaviours due to the new levels of awareness and creative food alternatives. From Vegan Burgers and Pizzas to Earth Bowls filled with an ever expanding range of proteins…

It’s a great time to enhance your diet.


At Nana Nairne Preserves we are not all fully Vegan, but we are all actively making an effort to change our eating habits. A flexitarian diet is a great alternative for many people who do not want to give up meat entirely yet feel that for health, ethics or environmental reasons have to eat less of it. Flexitarians, who mostly eat plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation are making it easier to transition, whilst still helping the planet and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


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From our inception we have wanted to do our part in the fight against hunger.

What we are doing to help

Associations - The Vegan Society

All of our products are Vegan, and we are members of the Vegan Society.

Why are our products Vegan?

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Our preserves are 100% natural and made with on average 98.5% organic ingredients.

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